5' Extension Handle - 2 pc. (6' overall height from bottom of sign to ground)
Model      Size      Sign Material
NR183A     18"   Non-Reflective Vinyl
NR243A     24"   Non-Reflective Vinyl
SB183A     18"   Reflective Superbright™
SB243A     24"   Reflective Superbright™
DG183A    18"   Reflective Diamond Grade™
DG243A    24"   Reflective Diamond Grade™
MR183A    18"   Reflective Marathon™
MR243A    24"  Reflective Marathon™

6' Extension Handle - 2 pc. (7' overall height from bottom of sign to ground)

Model        Size      Sign Material
NR183A6   18"   Non-Reflective Vinyl
NR243A6   24"   Non-Reflective Vinyl
SB183A6   18"   Reflective Superbright™
SB243A6   24"   Reflective Superbright™
DG183A6   18"   Reflective Diamond Grade™
DG243A6   24"   Reflective Diamond Grade™
MR183A6   18"   Reflective Marathon™
MR243A6   24"   Reflective Marathon™

Telescopic Extension Handle (6' and 7' overall height from bottom of sign to ground)
Model       Size     Sign Material
NR183AT   18"    Non-Reflective Vinyl
NR243AT   24"    Non-Reflective Vinyl
SB183AT   18"    Reflective Superbright™
SB243AT   24"    Reflective Superbright™
DG183AT   18"    Reflective Diamond Grade™
DG243AT   24"    Reflective Diamond Grade™
MR183AT   18"    Reflective Marathon™
MR243AT   24"    Reflective Marathon™

Model      Size         Sign Material
A18EGA    18"     Engineering Grade Reflective
A24EGA    24"     Engineering Grade Reflective
A18HIA      18"    High Intensity Reflective
A24HIA      24"    High Intensity Reflective
A18DGA    18"    Diamond™ Grade Reflective
A24DGA    24"    Diamond™ Grade Reflective

Plastic - ST/ST models have STOP on front and back sides

Model                  Size     Sign Material
P18NRA               18"       Non-Reflective
P18NRA-ST/ST    28"      Non-Reflective
P24NRA               24"       Non-Reflective
P18EGA               18"       Engineering Grade Reflective
P18EGA-ST/ST    18"      Engineering Grade Reflective 
P24EGA                24"     Engineering Grade Reflective
P18HIA                 18"      High Intensity Reflective
P24HIA                 24"      High Intensity Reflective
P18DGA               18"       Diamond Grade™ Reflective
P24DGA               24"       Diamond Grade™ Reflective

Extension Handles Only (for Aluminum and Plastic models)
Model        Description
P51A     One pc. handle for 6' height* requirement  (5' P51A extension + paddle handle = 6')
P52A     Two pc. handle for 6' height* requirement  (5' P52A extension + paddle handle = 6')
P52AT   Telescopic handle for 6' and 7' height* requirements  (2 height settings)
P61A     One pc. handle for 7' height* requirement  (6' P61A  extension + paddle handle = 7')
P62A     Two pc. handle for 6' height* requirement  (6' P62A extension + paddle handle = 7')

Stop/Slow Paddles

Roll - Up Stop/Slow Paddles

​Roll-Up stop/slow paddles offer full size paddles in a compact, lightweight, and easy to store design. Available in 18" and 24" octagons and in a variety of reflective and non-reflective materials, these kits come complete with double sided roll-up sign face, handle, and storage bag.

Stop / Slow Paddles - Rigid

Rigid stop/slow paddles are available in both 18" and 24" octagon versions with reflective and non-reflective surfaces. Choose either plastic or aluminum substrates.